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  • QDET2 Conference

    Jose-Luis Padilla is taking part in the organaizing and publishing committtes for Questionnaire, Development, Evaluation and Testing 2 conference (

  • Co-Editor of Methodology journal

    Luis Manuel Lozano and Jose-Luis Padilla have been appointed as associate and co-editor of Methodology journal. Methodology is the official journal of the EAM (

  • Current International projects

    Since September 2013 members of QLab are involved in a project aimed to understand sources of bias in Quality of Life measures. First part of the project focused on studying sources of bias when...

  • New funded research project

    The Andalusia regional government has decided to fund the research project “Methods to improve the validity of survey questionnaires and psychological scales: Cognitive interviewing and...

  • QLab is organizing QUEST 2011

    The QLab research group will be the organizer of the QUEST 2011 meeting. The meeting will be held in Granada from April 26th to 30th. You can learn on the...

About us

Questionnaire Laboratory Group is a collaborative research group from different research centers, coordinated by José-Luis Padilla at the University of Granada (Spain). The group develops research projects on methods for developing, validating and adapting survey questionnaires, psychological scales and tests. The group is also involved in national and international cooperative applied projects with public bodies and companies.


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